Microsoft 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet

Thursday, November 27th, 2003

Your EuroSavant today is still striving to regain his old equilibrium, to leave Kajagoogoo behind (Don’t understand? Please, don’t ask!) and resume his usual serious, even solemn, consideration of phenomena in the various European national presses. (Thanks to all those who e-mailed their suggestions about a €S “blogathon,” by the way – I’m still weighing that idea.)

I’m still not quite all the way back there yet. Exhibit A: What I’ve done today is add over to my list of articles on the left-hand side a document I first wrote last February, on “Mastering Microsoft 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet.” You see, I have a lot to say on that topic (or at least think that I do, gained through long experience – although I can’t say it was “hard” or “bitter”). I know that it is not necessarily true that my usual EuroSavant audience will be interested in the topic, but that’s OK: That is aimed more at the traffic Google (and whichever other search engines) will be able to send me of people looking for something on the Net about Space Cadet Pinball. I myself have looked for such material before; there’s precious little of it out there, so I thought that I would make this contribution. By the way, Google (and others) has already shown itself to be very handy in sending traffic my way that is looking for comment/coverage about my usual topics (you know: Stability Pact, Poles in Iraq, etc.)

Actually, I wrote the piece last February, for a private audience, but have just decided: “What the heck, Philip! You’ve now had these months of exclusive access to this tome of pinball revelation – whether you’ve diligently made use of it to start posting astounding Space Cadet session point records on your machine or not, this information simply can’t be withheld from humanity for too much longer. So here it is!” – with some revisions to reflect further Space Cadet experience since.

A final note: As I say, I’m posting the piece as a permanent article over to the left, meaning that it won’t shift downwards and disappear after a few days like the typical weblog entry must do. (Although all of my weblog entries are perfectly accessible, via the search function or the archives.) On the other hand, that would also mean that the article would not have some useful elements of a weblog entry that I think it should have: primarily, a comments function, although TrackBack and PingBack could be useful, too. So I’m putting the two together: This weblog entry will provide the comment/TrackBack/PingBack functionality. The article will have a permanent link to this entry and:

This weblog entry will have this permanent link to the Mastering Microsoft 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet article.

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