Get Your Campaign Dirt – From Poland!

Oh, the stories that have now sprung up about presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Kerry! Calpundit points out that, while the infamous Matt Drudge first brought some of these stories to light, “the mainstream [American] media is too responsible to report this stuff.” He’s got a couple useful links to the British press for those who would like to follow these things nonetheless (the Guardian and the Sun: the first OK, the second one of those tawdry British tabloids whose “page 3 girls” are the only thing that ever interests EuroSavant, and which therefore I do not cover for this weblog – and you also don’t get the link from me, haha!).

Well, what about the Polish press? Good stuff there, too (although still exclusively from the two leading dailies, each to be cited in this entry). I guess that makes them “irresponsible.” (Or maybe it’s all OK when you’re passing on the reported dirt about people and goings-on which are, to paraphrase Neville Chamberlain, “far away, and of whom you know nothing.”)


Let’s first turn to Rzeczpospolita (Did Kerry Have a Lover?). “Did he have a lover?” indeed. Krzysztof Darewicz from Rz’s Washington bureau gives the essentials of the allegations first brought to the surface by the Drudge Report: Love affair with an intern on his staff from spring 2001 until fall 2003; said intern is said to have left suddenly for Africa, “and is still hiding there.” Kerry’s reaction to the press, according to Darewicz, has “lacked any resolute denial,” and “observers” judge that, if the allegations are substantiated, he would probably have to withdraw from the race for the Democratic nomination.

But that’s not all! Darewicz goes on to discuss further things that are being brought to light, this time in Bush Republican-inspired attacks. There’s the Kerry interview from the 1970s in some student newspaper, in which he supposedly calls for the total subordination of American armed forces to the United Nations, and for the “liquidation” of the CIA. There are the recollections now being bandied about of Kerry as the prominent anti-war activist he was back then (after he had returned from his exemplary Vietnam duty), throwing the medals he earned into a fountain during some protest march, and allegedly terming soldiers fighting in Vietnam “criminals.” Then there’s that photo the Republicans are now bringing up from that far-away time of him together with Jane Fonda. And then homosexual marriage: Darewicz reports that Republicans are now harping on Kerry’s having blocked two years ago an attempt in the Senate to forbid homosexual marriage, even though Kerry’s current official line is that he, too, is against it.


Now over to Gazeta Wyborcza (Bush Partisans Attack Kerry Without Pardon), a shorter article but still pungent, and everything here is put in the context (as the article’s title indicates) of Bush campaign attacks. Gazeta adds mention of the 30-second film now being distributed over the Internet (you’ll have to find that link yourself) mocking Kerry’s assertion that he is the enemy of the “special interests,” after accepting “record sums” in the past from lobbyists. And, according to Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie, interviewed on Thursday, Kerry is already running the “ugliest” presidential campaign in American history.

Nonetheless, the Gazeta writer (who is unnamed, and indeed it looks as if this story actually came from the Polish press agency PAP) asserts that the intern-affair allegations, although broken by Drudge, probably ultimately originated from the Republican Party. He also fixes that fugitive intern’s current location as England, not Africa.

And he adds some dirt against President Bush, citing a recent New York Daily News report that Bush once sent one of his daughters to a gynecologist for an abortion. But I can’t find any mention of this myself on the Daily News’ website.

So: Want to know what’s happening in the US or in Russia, that the regular press in those countries won’t report on? Go to the Polish press, it seems – or let EuroSavant be your guide! Yes, this is all a tad distasteful – and, in case you haven’t figured it out, I remain an ABB man (“Anyone But Bush”), so I’m still for Kerry or whoever is the Democratic nominee – but, then again, I have to confess it’s a bit fun, too.

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