EuroSavant Reader Feedback Poll!

[Update: The readers’ poll that I posted on this site mentioned in this entry, asking readers’ preferences regarding long vs. short EuroSavant postings, ran through 26 December 2003, and so is now closed and has been removed.]

I’m off elsewhere for this upcoming weekend, friends – back next Tuesday (23 Dec.) in fact, to resume blogging then.

But please do take just a little bit of time to take my first EuroSavant Reader Feedback Poll, which you should see staring you boldly in the face just above (at least in the halcyon days when this entry – this one right here – was in its radiant youth, which we’ve just found out will last until next Tuesday).

So far, EuroSavant has been all about long entries, a fact which readers for any length of time will surely acknowledge. After all, the national press-survey is this weblog’s quintessence. Doing one such always takes up a very big block of time – logically, since I have to find all that stuff, read it in its foreign-language incarnation (yes, that requires the occasional dictionary-reference) while taking notes, decide which elements are the most interesting/important, and then put together a text to post that strings those important elements together in a logical way, telling a story, while adding gratuitous comments and exclamations according to whim to try to result in something worth reading.

A lot of time – a lot of text. I’ve taken recent steps to make that “lot of text” more friendly to see once the visitor clicks the “More…” link, but if its sheer expanse deters him or her from actually reading it nonetheless – i.e. from reading what it has just taken me hours to write – then we’re in your classic “lose-lose” situation.

I’ve had the occasional short weblog entry, when I’ve brought up and discussed only one or two foreign articles. Sometimes that was all that I saw worth writing about that particular day (such as that day not long ago when I was in a strange mood, interested only in clams’ reproductive parts); sometimes I couldn’t bear (or couldn’t schedule) another multi-hour time-block to do the more-typical EuroSavant-type entry. But if that’s the sort of thing that my readers are interested in/only have the time or patience for, then I can certainly do much more of it.

Thus, the poll. And naturally I would also be pleased to hear from you directly – in the “Comments” section of this entry if it’s something you want everyone to be able to see, to my e-mail address (“E-mail Eurosavant” at the top-left) if it is not. S’il vous plaĆ®t . . .

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