Editor? We Don’t Need No Steenking Editor!

Cruising the Net now (at drastically-lessened efficiency, since I’m not at home now, but in Prague) what caught my eye was the recent controversy about that outstanding California recall-campaign weblog California Insider, and the fact that the guy who writes it, Daniel Weintraub, now has to pass all of his entries by an editor at his employer, the Sacramento Bee, before they can be posted. Given this, the New York Times asks, can it really still be considered a weblog?

It’s a good question, particularly since what moved the powers-that-bee [hyuk!] at the Bee to clamp an editor onto the weblog production-process was an entry Weintraub wrote which angered the state legislature’s powerful Latino caucus. Too late to retract the entry so that nobody could see it anymore; gotta do the next-best thing to stop angering the Latinos, by promising it will never happen again because the editor will see to that.

EuroSavant has no other editor, other than its writer, which is me, myself, and MAO. Of course, I just don’t slap those entries up there and let them fly; I write them in WordPad and, just after I transfer them to the pMachine template for eventual posting, I first make use of the excellent “Preview” function to go over it all again, to remove the sheer mistakes, ease readability, etc. But maybe some of you think I don’t ease the readibility enough; I’m well aware of, shall we say, certain traits in my writing that, on the one hand, may make it harder sometimes for people to follow along with what I’m writing but, on the other hand, I do consider to be inherent to my style, and so not to be removed (at least entirely).

Feel free to let me know what you think about this, dear reader. In the spirit of the leading Democratic candidate for the California governorship, Lt. Gov. Cruz “Busta Move” Bustamante, give me some of that tough love!

Sorry I can’t offer anything more substantial, but it looks like the Prague Internet café scene is going downhill. Now that it doesn’t seem to be operating anymore, I guess I can disclose what was my favorite place: The Internet cafe at the Narodní Galerie: quiet environment, access for basically Kc 1/minute (with discounts even to that kicking-in at higher levels of usage), and almost always a machine available because no one else knew about it. But, as I say, they seem to have put their Internet café operations on hold; or, at least, the equipment isn’t working lately.

What about it, Prague-based readers out there? I’m basically looking for Kc 1/minute, preferably sans all those sign-up and deposit requirements that make some places (notably the Globe) more of pain-in-the-ass than they’re worth? Calling EasyEverything: Why aren’t you guys doing business here in Prague? Eastern European income too low for you, so that you couldn’t charge the prices you like to charge?

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